Jeremy Ramm

Kat is the best. I have been bringing my dog maggie here for afew months and have witnessed significant change in attitude and behaviour. She had a previous injury that was causing her pain and the Kat has helped a ton. Maggie is a much happier dog. Prices are very reasonable.

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Debra Jolicoeur

Kat really cares about her clients. She has been working on my 10 1/2 year old Boarder collie/ St Bernard mix. He is a big boy and has really bad hips. About a year ago the vet stated that I should get myself prepared to let him go. Enters Kat in the picture. We met at an off leash area and she noticed his shaking legs. "I can fix that" she said. I have not been disappointed. I have him for another year and possibly more. He is slow but he is walking and loving life. She recently came to my home, on a Sunday night, because he was really bad. Not wanting to put weight on his one foot. She worked on him and he was able to put some weight on the foot after she left. She gave me a heat and cold treatment schedule for him to help with the rest of the treatment. He goes for his weekly massage and I am convinced that has extended his life. This girl knows here stuff and would recommend her to anyone.

Rhonda Elizabeth

Kat is a dog whisperer with healing hands! our dogs cry with excitement every time we are on our way!