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My Story

My name is Kathleen, but most people call me Kat. I am an animal lover and have been my whole life.

Zen Dog Massage has given me an opportunity to professionally do what I love. I am Certified Canine Massage Therapist , who believes dogs can truly benefit through massage. I started Zen Dog Massage as a way to help dogs and by extension, their people. A happy, healthy pet makes for a happy, healthy pet parent.

All animals can benefit greatly from massage. I have helped dogs who are timid to overcome their fears to flourish in a social setting, and older dogs with hip and joint pain frolic again like puppies. I have also witnessed the benefits of therapeutic massage on dogs who are recovering from surgery.

Like people, it can take a few sessions before fully seeing the health improvements of a massage. However, with the right combination of love, patience and therapy, we can make sure your pet feels their best.

Help your pet reach the pathway to happiness and health. Book a massage today!

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